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Our Home,
and Our Craft.

Our Work

Our excellent quality refinishing on every piece of pine, oak, maple or cherry furniture that we restore is well known. Hand done, silky smooth, and water resistant, our finish is easy to admire and care for. 25 years dedicated to the artform produces these incredible satin appearances.


History Restored

We can tell you about some of the history of each artifact, preserve the natural wear and history in each piece, and honour it's rustic country. Our reputation is based on providing vintage quality and unique pieces, and our customers return to add to their collections year after year.

The work that brought them into their new life takes time and meticulous attention to detail, and we love sharing their history as well as the specifics of each restoration.

New Life and Purpose

We've converted old cedar strip canvas covered canoes and vintage wooden boats into  shelves, and turned old workbenches into outstanding kitchen islands, counters and bars.

With carefully selected items like antique blacksmith bellows, old style horse drawn cutters and sleighs, and dated shop counters, we have transformed various historical pieces into gorgeous table tops with stunning surfaces. 


These unique adaptations are a gift to the home, cottage, or chalet, bringing new life to each space.


Unique Finds

We also house a wide range of vintage wooden wares, pottery and yellow ware, along with many sporting, nautical, hunting and fishing items that are wonderful decorating tools for the cottage, rec room, or log cabin.


Airplane propellers, sometimes some very interesting old church and century home pine windows; we also look for vintage whimsical folk art pieces to add a bit of colour and fun to a room.

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